Brand building and Graphic design

We used to be referred to as ‘Graphic Artists’, however art has given way to design in many cases. Design is good, however creative design is still art, which is even better we believe. We use our graphic art/design skills to produce quality industry standard digital files for online and print – from designing brands and associated collateral, business cards, advert, posters, interactive PDF’s… Check out our brand and design portfolio here >

Redspot print design - Huka Falls Jet


Rack cards, flyers, product leaflets, fact sheets. Standard size and design or something a bit more exciting to entice that client or prospective guest?

Redspot print design - Regent of Rotorua

Business collateral…

Cards? Business, post, calling, hanging, folding, diet, embossed, wax sealed. Complete company print collateral management and understanding.

Redspot print design - The Spirit of New Zealand


Annual reports, sponsorship documents, books, newsletters and magazines. We produce many publications for both web and print using the same files, saving time and money.

Website design

Your website (or lack of) can say a lot about your business. It doesn’t have to be difficult – just effective.

We have a very transparent approach to web design and offer the complete approach, including arranging domain name registration, web hosting through to partial or complete website builds. By ‘partial’ we mean setting everything up ready for the client to populate with their information. ‘Complete’ includes copywriting, photography and promoting etc.

We build all our our websites on the WordPress (open source and free) content management system. Why? Because a fifth of all websites are built this way, including many of the biggest companies and largest websites online. This way we are not locking the client into using a proprietary system with ongoing fees and limited resources. With WordPress our websites are fully scalable and transferable if required.

We have two main options. The first using pre-existing quality responsive templates that we can customise to the clients needs. This is a quick and cost effective solution that suits many clients as they can be upgraded as required. The second option is a unique custom design template using our web partners who produce our coding as required. Two options but the same great results.

There are plenty of bells and whistles, pitfalls and jargon when it comes to web design and we could write all about CSS and SEO, but we’d rather just make it as straightforward (or complex if you want it) and easy to understand as possible. Ultimately this gives you ownership of what is possibly your companies biggest brand collateral.

Check out the website portfolio here >

Redspot web design - Biota Palau


Email marketing integration, video embedding and linking to name a few. Constantly expanding and evolving website.

Redspot web design - Skin Clinic


Woocommerce shopping cart with Paypal payment system. Clean and easy to navigate and operate.

Redspot web design - Atticus Finch

Practical and affordable…

Custom responsive theme with simple booking and rewards program widgets added for maximum effectiveness. 

Digital marketing…

There are many pieces to the online business presence puzzle.

Social media can play a big part in getting your product or service to many people. Done correctly it can be a very successful form of marketing, done incorrectly… well, let’s not go there. Social media and paid digital advertising allows you to specifically target potential customers with their very detailed databases of users. It’s important to remember that they are ‘social’ media and requires a ‘social’ approach to marketing for maximum effect.

Online advertising…

Google, Facebook, website adverts. Animated or static. Optimised and applied to any campaign. 

Social media management…

Image editing and sourcing, text writing, post management and boosting.

Email newsletters…

Brand and database management, copywriting, image editing, linking, testing and sending.


Ever considered producing a commercial, training or demonstration movie for your business or product? It can also be a very cost effective way to get your business noticed.

Sponsor an event…

Corporate and event sponsorship acknowledge, promotional and informative and more.


Product demonstration and set up. Instruction and how to, detail and fixes.


Event loops, website sliders, awards, announcements and conference fillers.


Now you’ve got your brand sorted – promote it! Custom printed USB’s, clothing, signage, displays… the list goes on and on.

Redspot print design - Mitai
Redspot print design - Gallagher


Your vehicle + your brand = moving billboard. (and one you won’t need to get council permission for either). Building signs, footpath signs… the possibilities are endless.

Redspot print design - Westpac Rotorua Business Awards
Redspot print design - Whare Aroha Care
Redspot print design - Rainbow Springs

Art & Illustration

Sometimes the best way to get the point across is by drawing, by hand on paper and not on a computer.